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The New Answers Book 4 (Ham)

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You, your family, and your church can be prepared to answer the questions of friends, and skeptics, and to defend against the prevalent humanist culture that is invading our schools, government, and even the Christian community.

From the lies of evolution to genetic engineering, this powerful team of apologists will inspire you, and give you answers about:

  • The truth concerning climate change
  • How the Ark could survive all the tsunamis, storms, and upheavals during the Flood
  • Evolution being the bloodiest religion ever
  • The best evidences for a young creation
  • Tactics of new atheists
  • The intelligence of ancient man
  • Whether there are transitional fossils in the fossil record
  • New genetically-modified organisms
  • Whether dragons were real

Many have walked away from their faith because they sought answers for what seemed a contradicition in Christian belief and scientific teaching. For those who desire a deeper walk and a thriving faith in the face of a growing cultural adversity, here is a book to spur the heart and mind to give glory to God.

The New Answers Books 1, 2 and 3 will complete your Answers Series collection. They hold over ninety faith-affirming answers to some of the most challenging questions about faith, science, and the Bible!


Table of Contents: 

Introduction: Atheistic Devices: Spotting Them…but Countering Them, Too? – Ken Ham 

1. Does the Gospel Depend on a Young Earth? – Ken Ham

2. Do Plants and Leaves Die? – Dr. Michael Todhunter 

3. Dragons…Were They Real? – Bodie Hodge

4. Peppered Moths…Evidence for Evolution? – Dr. Tommy Mitchell 

5. Is Evolutionary Humanism the Most Blood-stained Religion Ever? – Bodie Hodge 

6. Was Charles Darwin a Christian? – Dr. Tommy Mitchell 

7. Cavemen…Really? – Dr. David Mention, Dr. Georgia Purdom and John Upchurch 

8. Should There Really Be a Battle between Science and the Bible? – Roger Patterson

9. What Did the Reformers Believe about the Age of the Earth? – Dr. Joel R. Beeke

10. What Are Some of the Best Evidences in Science of a Young Creation? – Dr. Andrew A. Snelling, Dr. David Mention, Dr. Danny R. Faulker, and Dr. Georgia Purdom

11. Have People Always Been Brilliant or Were They Originally Dumb Brutes? – Don Landis 

12. What about Living Fossils? – Dr. John Whitmore 

13. What Is the State of the Canopy Model? – Bodie Hodge

14. Are There Transitional Forms in the Fossil Record? – Dr. David Menton 

15. Could the Flood Cataclysm Deposit Uniform Sedimentary Rock Layers? – Dr. Andrew A. Snelling

16. Should We Be Concerned about Climate Change – Dr. Alan White    

17. What about Creation, Flood, and Language Division Legends? – Troy Lacey (with Bodie Hodge) 

18. How Big Is the Universe? – Dr. Danny R. Faulkner

19. Could Noah’s Ark Have Been Made of Wood? – Tim Lovett 

20. What about Environmentalism? – Dr. E. Calvin Beisner

21. What about Distant Starlight Models? – Dr. Danny R. Faulkner and Bodie Hodge

22. What Are the Tactics of the New Atheists? – Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell 

23. Were There Any Volcanoes, High Mountains, and Earthquakes before the Flood? – Dr. Andrew A. Snelling 

24. What about Beneficial Mutations? – Dr. Georgia Purdom 

25. What about the Hebrew Language and Genesis? – Dr. Benjamin Shaw

26. The Recapitulation of Recapitulation: Does Embryology Prove Evolution? – Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell 

27. Is Speciation Evidence for Creation or Evolution? – Dr. Gary Parker 

28. Are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Wrong? – Dr. Andrew Fabich 

29. What about Design Arguments Like ‘Irreducible Complexity’? – Dr. Stuart Burgess

30. What about the Origin of the Solar System and the Planets? – Dr. Danny R. Faulkner 

31. Did Noah Need Oxygen Tanks on the Ark? – Bodie Hodge 

32. The Image of God – Dr. Corey Abney 

33. Dear Atheists…Are You Tired of It All? – Bodie Hodge 



Ken Ham is the president/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis - U.S. and the highly acclaimed Creation Museum. Ken Ham is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America.