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Colossians & Philemon: So Walk In Him - Focus on the Bible Series (Woodhouse)

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  • A letter read by Tychicus in Philemon's house in Colossae.
  • Explanation of the reality of life in Christ
  • A wonderful story of evangelism

Come and hear a wonderful story of evangelism, church planting and Christian growth. Colossians was a letter, which would have first been read by Tychicus in Philemon's house in Colossae. People who were to read that letter had been converted as a result of Paul's teaching in Ephesus (Acts 19). As they read they are about to understand better the reality of life in Christ and reading it years later we can understand better too.

You will see the power of fellowship at work as a formerly useless slave and his master are brought together to work together as brothers in the Lord.

Table of Contents:


A Letter from Paul (1:1, 2)

‘We always thank God’ (1:3-8)

‘We have not Ceased to Pray for you’ (1:9-14)

Christ and All Things (1:15-20)

‘And you...’ (1:21-23)

The Servant of the Gospel (1:24-29)

The Great Struggle (2:1-5)

The Christian Life (2:6, 7)

You’ve Been Warned (2:8)

Teaching Everyone... (2:9-15)

Shadows and Substance (2:16, 17)

Disqualified by Spirituality (2:18, 19)

Dictated to by Rules (2:20-23)

The Power of the Christian Life (3:1-4)

The Victory of the Christian Life (3:5-11)

The Quality of the Christian Life (3:12-17)

Family Life in Christ (3:18-21)

Slaves of Christ (3:22–4:1)

Pray (4:2-4)

Towards Outsiders (4:5-6)

Concluding Words (4:7-18)


Effective Fellowship (vv. 1-7)

The Fellowship at Work – I (vv. 8-16)

The Fellowship at Work – II (vv. 17-25) 



John Woodhouse is the principal of Moore College, Sydney, Australia and lectures there in doctrine and Old Testament. As well as writing a commentary on 1 Samuel, he has written various articles based on the New and Old Testament.



"Honest readers will be challenged by the gospel of God's gracious saving plan for the world, the place of the Lord Jesus within it, and how those who have been united with Christ are to live. May the God who is the Author of these two powerful letters use John's rich exposition to challenge and encourage us in the twenty-first century." - Peter O'Brien ~ Emeritus Faculty Member, Moore Theological College, Sydney

"This commentary by John Woodhouse is a rich source of biblical insight on the texts of Colossians and Philemon. This volume is a great resource for the pastor as he prepares to feed his flock, but it is equally helpful for students of the Bible who desire to understand better these magnificent letters. Maybe even more importantly, the text reflects the author's own love for the Savior. I can gladly commend it." - Bill Cook ~ Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky