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10 Dead Gals You Should Know (Ciano & Maddock)

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Christian Focus

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Bite–sized biographies of inspirational Christian women.

Spanning two millennia and multiple continents, these stories will introduce you to great women in the history of the Christian faith. From Mary in first century Judea, to Catherine Booth in nineteenth century Britain, to Gladys Aylward in twentieth century China. Perpetua and Jane Grey lived brief lives cut short by their conspicuous and brave fidelity to Jesus, while Corrie ten Boom, although no less courageous, lived a long life that testified to God’s compassion and forgiveness.

For all their differences, each one of these women has left an indelible legacy on our collective intergenerational Christian consciousness. Each are worth knowing. To know someone’s story is a privilege. We hope you’re encouraged in your Christian walk as you read of theirs.


Ian J. Maddock (PhD, University of Aberdeen) serves as Senior Lecturer in Christian Thought at Sydney Missionary and Bible College.

Rachel Ciano is a lecturer in Christianity in History at Sydney Missionary and Bible College and specialises in the Reformation.


This book is a well–researched, engagingly written, and insightful read that is sure to captivate readers and encourage them personally. As the subtitle suggests, the carefully curated stories of these ten women (who range from Mary the mother of Jesus, to twentieth–century missionary Gladys Aylward) mesh together to tell a bigger story. -Nicole Starling, Lecturer in Church History, Morling College, Sydney

The authors are right: you should really know about these 10 Dead Gals and what God has done in their extraordinary lives. Here is an impressive cloud of witnesses, from every era of church history, testifying to the power of the gospel to transform human beings. -Michael P. Jensen, Rector, St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point, New South Wales and Honorary Research Associate, Sydney College of Divinity

… a brilliant and contrasting gallery of subjects, from Mary the mother of Jesus through Catherine of Siena, to Anne Hutchinson, and Gladys Aylward; every chapter reveals an individual powered by faith and determined to act upon it. The vivid and arresting language in which these women are described, and the solid scholarship of the authors, will guarantee a wide readership for the book. -Carole Cusack, Professor of Religious Studies, The University of Sydney