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150 Questions About the Psalter: What You Need to Know About the Songs God Wrote (Johnston)

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Who wrote the psalms, and why? Can we find Jesus in the Psalter? How do these ancient songs matter today?

In the style of a catechism, this books draws you into the majestic, meditative depths of the inspired songs of God. Divided into seven short sections, 150 questions and answers address the content and arrangement of the Psalter, Psalm genres and groupings, the historical context of the author, the Psalms relationship to the rest of Scripture and the life of Christ, and their use in private and public worship. 

With appendixes that feature worksheets and charts, quotations from theologians and church fathers, this resource helps individuals, families, and churches understand and embrace the psalter for themselves.


Bradley Johnston is a pastor in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America and a graduate of Crossroads Bible College, World Journalism Institute, and the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He and his wife Sue have four children and live in Kansas 


“Singing metrical psalms today has become akin to canning fruit, baking one’s own bread, and shaving with a straight razor: quaint, but passé; fine for heritage Sunday, but impractical for our times…Johnson’s psalter catechism answers many off the questions that arise about singing the psalms. Its publication will help facilitate their more widespread use today.” – Terry L. Johnson, author of The Family Worship Book and editor of the Trinity Psalter

“Psalm singing is gospel dynamite, and sadly the best kept secret in today’s evangelical church…The secret is out. Written in the style of a modern catechism, this book will benefit new and seasoned psalm singers, deepening our understanding of this often neglected means of grace, magnifying our union with Christ as he sings the songs of Zion with us, and increasing our Scripture memory of a whole book of the Bible.” – Rosaria Butterfield, author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert