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Coming Home to God (Robertson)

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God has a plan. He must have a plan for this world and all the people in it. He would not be God if he did not have a plan. Birds make plans when they build nests. People make plans before they take a trip. God made this entire world, so he must have a plan for the world.

But what is his plan? What is his purpose for this world? Sometimes things seem so confusing. On the one hand, this world is marked by such beautiful things. But clearly the world as God made it has been marred. It is defaced by ugly murders, incurable diseases, ruthless tyrants and internecine wars. How can such divergent things as beauty and bestiality exist side by side in this one world?

But there is a way back. There is a coming home to God. All the warmth, the pleasure associated with home-coming, may characterize this event of re-establishing intimacy of relationship with God, the source of all that is life to you.


Dr O. Palmer Robertson gained his Bachelor of Divinity degree from Westminster Seminary and his Masters and doctorate from Union Theological Seminary, Virginia, USA. Dr Robertson is a frequent lecturer and conference speaker in Africa, Europe, Latin and North America. He is married with three daughters.