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A Bruised Reed - The Life and Times of Anne Steele (Broome)

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Anne Steele was a significant contributor to eighteenth century hymnology along with such great contemporaries as Augustus Toplady, Charles Wesley, William Cowper and John Newton.

This is the first full-length biography of her to appear, made possible by the discovery, between 1975 and 1980 of two substantial collections of Steele family records.

She has the distinction of being the only woman hymnwriter of the eighteen century whose hymns have continued in use until the present day. They contain a peculiar sweetness as they express the spiritual experience of a gracious woman, who suffered ill-healthy for most of her life.

Her dying utterance was, 'I know that my Redeemer liveth'. In 1967 her Hymns were republished in a small paperback, together with a brief summary of her life. This biography, the result of further research into her life, now provides a more comprehensive knowledge of her life and times.

50 illustrations, 9 in color.


Table of Contents:

Part I: 

1. An Age of Intolerance [1645-1688] 

2. A Child of Dissenters [1688-1720] 

3. A Daughter of Broughton [1720-32] 

4. In the Spring of Life [1733-48] 

5. In the Prime of Life [1733-48]

6. A Natural Talent [1743-60] 

7. A Father’s Need [1760-69]

8. Sorrow and Suffering [1769-78]

9. A Brother Beloved [1778-85 

Part II:

Hymns of Anne Steele 

Part III: 

Psalms attempted in Verse 

Part IV:

Prose Works of Anne Steele


Appendix 1 – Extract from Mrs Steele’s Diary 

Appendix 2 – A Sermon of William Steele 

Appendix 3 – A Hymn by James Fanch and Daniel Turner