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A Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam (Sookhdeo)

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This book has been written to outline the worldview, practices and history of Islam, to help non-Muslims understand their Muslim friends and neighbours better. Topics covered include the Islamic sacred books and articles of faith, the key religious observances, and the differences to be found among Muslims. The story of Islam is traced from its beginnings in the 7th century to the present. Non-Muslims who read this book will gain an understanding of why Muslims think and act as they do.

Table of Contents:

1. The Origins of Islam

2. Islamic Beliefs and Practices

3. The Quran

4. The Five Pillars of Islam

5. Women in Islam

6. Islamic History

7. Diversity in Islam

Appendix 1: A Chronology of Muhammad’s life

Appendix 2: Historical development of Islamic sects

Appendix 3: Suras of the Quran



Patrick Sookhdeo is Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, a Christian research institute specialising in the status of Christian minorities in the Muslim world. Dr Sookhdeo is a wellknown lecturer and author who holds a Ph.D. from London University's School of Oriental and African Studies and a D.D. from Western Seminary, Oregon, USA.



"Written for those with no prior knowledge of Islam, this book gives all the basic facts which will help a Christian to be more effective in their witness, as well as helpful guidance on how to approach Muslims lovingly and appropriately." - Zafar Ismail, Chairman of Interserve's Ministry Among Asians in Britain