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A Handbook of Revealed Theology (Stock)

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with a Prefatory recommendation by Rev. C.H. Spurgeon

This book aims to present to the reader in a small compass an epitome of the leading truths of the Gospel. Its subject is revealed, not natural theology. 

By the Gospel is meant the doctrine of salvation by a twofold gracious provision- the atonement of the Savior, and the regenerating influences of the Spirit. Revelation makes known a remedial scheme: it provides for the two great wants of man- pardon and moral renovation. It announces a sacrifice, by which our sins may be forgiven consistently with the claims of divine law and justice; and an influence by which we may be restored to the possession of the moral image of God. These are its primary and fundamental doctrines.



Table of Contents:


Preface – C. H. Spurgeon


Part 1: Theology in Relation to its Standard of Appeal


1. The Bible: What are the Component Book of the Canon


2. The Bible: How was it Produced


3. The Bible: What is its Authority?


Part 2: Theology in its Great Theme, God


1. The Existence of God


2. The Tripersonality of God


3. Jesus Christ a Divine Person


4. The Holy Ghost a Divine Person


Part 3: Theology in its Teaching Respecting Man


1. Man as Created


2. Adam’s Federal Relation to his Posterity


3. The Fall of Man


4. The Responsibility of Man


5. The Immortality of Man


Part 4: Theology as Displayed in the History of Redemption


1. The Covenant of Redemption


2. The Election of the Church in Christ Jesus to Eternal Life


3. Replies to Objections to the Doctrine of Election


4. Revelations of Mercy before the Coming of Christ


5. The Incarnation of the Eternal Word


6. The Vicarious atonement and Obedience of Christ


7. The Present Office of Jesus Christ


8. The New Birth


9. Justification


10. Adoption


11. Sanctification


12. Preservation


13. The Powerful Presence of the Spirit the Grand Desideratum of the Church


14. The Believer’s Future Glory


Part 5: Theology in its Internal Evidence of a Divine Origin


1. The Gospel is Infinitely Worthy of God


2. The Gospel is Adapted to Human Nature


3. The Gospel is Suited to Promote True Holiness


4. The Gospel is Friendly to Human Happiness in this Life


5. The Gospel has a Most Important Bearing upon Man’s Eternal Destiny


6. The Universe is Benefited by the Meditation of Christ Revealed in the Gospel


Part 6: Theology in its Relation to the Constitution and Discipline of Christian Churches


1. The Membership of New Testament Churches


2. The Congregationalism of the Apostolical Churches


3. The Independency of the Churches


4. The Officers of the Churches


5. The Discipline of the Churches


6. The Duties of Church Members