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A Journey Into Calvary (Cross)

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Evangelical Press
The cross of Christ is a vast subject and many volumes have been written to cover the various aspects of it. In these pages, author Timothy Cross takes the reader from the promise of God at the dawn of history, through the Old Testament foreshadowing into the New Testament event of the cross. He does not stop there: the cross is considered as the apostles teach it and what all this means for the Christian today. All of this in compact but clearly explained form. You may be just starting out in the Christian life, or perhaps you have been a believer for years: this book will bring your thoughts and your heart back to the great centre of the faith.
Born in Cardiff, Wales, of English parents, Dr Cross's spiritually formative years were spent in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Currently he resides in Cardiff, Wales. He is thankful for a Christian mother who brought him under the sound of the Gospel even before birth. Born in a Salvation Army maternity home, dedicated to Christ when seven minutes old, converted in later teens, Timothy is currently a member of a Presbyterian church in Cardiff and is the author of numerous books.