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A Student's Guide to Missions (Neto)

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Christian Focus

All of us have someone else to thank for receiving the good news of salvation. Mission is a means to a greater goal – God’s name being glorified in the salvation of sinners. We should long to see God’s fame being spread as far as possible. Throughout the Bible God chose to reach the nations through the preaching of His own people. Emilio Garofalo Neto helps us think through mission, the place it has in our world today, and our role in the mission of Christ.


Emilio Garofalo Neto is the pastor of Semear Presbyterian Church in Brasília, Brazil. He completed his PhD at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. Emilio is the author of 14 books of fiction and this is his fifth theological book. He is married with a daughter.


It impressed me how Emilio masterfully treated this subject in less than one hundred pages. When he refers to ‘mission’ he is writing about the redemptive Work of God through all His servants (the workers) across the street and around the world. It is worth reading. -Elias Medeiros, Intercultural Studies, Professor of Missions Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

Discussions of cultural sensitivity, contextualization, postmodernism, globalization, technology, and living eschatologically are sure to make this volume a helpful conversation piece for the church. -Jonathan Moorhead, The Master’s Academy International

This little book shows that mission is at the heart of God’s purposes for the world, and challenges us to play our part in this urgent work. -Bill James, Principal, London Seminary, London, UK

Emilio speaks skillfully to a younger generation about the joys, challenges, and responsibilities of mission work. His book is simple, straightforward, and relational in the way it communicates vibrant truth. -Simona Gorton, International Operations Manager for 9Marks and author of ‘Better Than We Dreamed’