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Acts: Witnesses To Him - Focus on the Bible Series (Milne)

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Acts is an exciting story of church growth despite inner problems and outward conflict. The Book of Acts describes the spread of the gospel throughout the known world of the first century and the establishment of Christian churches in many different places. As the gospel entered new places, its preachers often faced opposition from followers of other religions, and sometimes this opposition extended to include political persecution. Nevertheless, within a generation the gospel had spread from Jerusalem to Rome and beyond.

While Luke, the writer of Acts was a historian, Acts is not merely historical but also provide principles and lessons for contemporary churches to imitate as they continue to spread the apostolic gospel today. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Anointed Witnesses (1:1-26)
  2. Pentecost – the Birthing of the Mission (2:1-47)
  3. Witnesses in Jerusalem (3:1–5:42)
  4. The Ministry of Stephen (6:1–8:1a)
  5. Witnesses in Judea and Samaria (8:1b–9:31)
  6. Peter and Antioch (9:32–12:25)
  7. Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth (I) (13:1–14:28)
  8. The Consultation at Jerusalem (15:1-35)
  9. Paul’s Second Mission Journey (15:36–18:22)
  10. Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth (II) (18:23–21:16)
  11. Paul the Prisoner: Rome at Last! (21:17–28:31) 



Bruce Milne is a well-respected pastor and theologian who pastored of First Baptist Church, Vancouver, Canada, for eighteen years until he retired in 2001.



"I was greatly blessed and challenged by your commentary. It was a great encouragement to read such a solid, biblically based commentary. Right up to the Appendices yoru passion for Mission because of your love for the Lord was a great stimulus to me. Thank you so much for the many hours of hard work and prayer that you dedicated to writing the book. May the Lord make it a blessing for all who read it." - Tony Schmidt, formerly Senior Missionary, Overseas Missionary Fellowship in Japan