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African Heroes: Discovering Our Christian Heritage (Gay)

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New Growth

 African Heroes: Discovering Our Christian Heritage shows children how God has used all races and ethnicities in his plan of redemption by celebrating and highlighting the contributions of African theologians and martyrs.

Jordan and Jasmine’s dad loves history and is always telling them stories about the past. One day when their family is out on a picnic, they start asking if there were any Christians who looked like them who God had used to help the church grow. They are excited when their dad shares inspiring true stories of early Christian leaders—both men and women—from Africa who helped to grow the early church in remarkable and significant ways.

Author Jerome Gay introduces children to the stories of eleven amazing African leaders including Augustine, Athanasius, Tertullian, and more. African Heroes presents these figures on a level children can understand with diverse imagery and colorful illustrations by John Joven.


Jerome Gay Jr. is the founding and teaching pastor of Vision Church in Raleigh, NC. He has a vision to see gospel-centered churches planted, disciples multiplied, missionaries unleashed, and theologically sound and culturally engaging leaders raised up and sent out to impact the world with The Gospel. He is the author of The Whitewashing of Christianity: A Hidden Past, A Hurtful Present, and A Hopeful Future, Renewal: Grace and Redemption in the Story of Ruth, Church Hurt: Holding the Church Accountable and Helping Hurt People Heal, and the minibook, Talking to Your Children about Race. Jerome and his wife, Crystal, have two children.


“Story has always been a powerful means to convey truth. What better way to tell the beautiful stories of our rich church history than this great work by Jerome Gay. Great art and truth belong together, and this resource is just that! Adults and children alike will enjoy this work that highlights the contributions of these African fathers and mothers of the faith. This work is bound to be a classic that will serve the faith of many until Jesus returns.”
Eric Mason, Pastor; theologian; author

“Some of the most influential theologians in my life were born in and ministered on the continent of Africa. Theirs is a rich and beautiful heritage that is rarely marveled at or pointed out. Jerome Gay has done an exceptional job introducing some of these heroes of the faith to the next generation.”
Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church; executive chairman, Acts 29

“Besides kid-friendly versions of the Bible itself, there is not another children's book I'd recommend more for Black families than African Heroes: Discovering Our Christian Heritage. As he has done in so much of his previous work, Pastor Jerome Gay has put together a book that teaches, celebrates, and presents Christianity the way God meant for it to be done—multiculturally. In reading about their rich Christian heritage, Black children will learn they are as loved, as cherished, and as empowered as any other race or ethnicity of people.”
Chris Broussard, Internationally known Sports Broadcaster; founder/president of The K.I.N.G. Movement