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Ann Judson: Missionary Wife (Stuart)

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Corner Pillar Press

Ann Judson left for the mission field confident and enthusiastic - but she finished meek and lamb-like. Her sufferings for Christ transformed her into the image of the Lamb and fitted her to join the ranks of "those of whom the world was not worthy." For His sake she was put to death all day long. Following in His steps, she left for the mission field like a lamb to the slaughter. Yet she deemed Him worthy, and did not shrink back. For His name's sake she bore up, alone, under horrific torments of body and soul that no human could undergo apart from the sustaining grace of God. Her devotion to the lamb and willingness to follow Him wherever He led made her radiate His beauty and display His worth.

Table of Contents:

  1. Redeeming Love: Ann’s Birth, Childhood, and Conversion
  2. My Heart in His Hands: Marriage and Missions Proposals
  3. Adieu Polished, Refined, Christian Society: Forsaking All for the Sake of the Gospel
  4. Burma: Without Hope and Without God
  5. The Support We Receive from the Gospel: Adjusting to Missionary Life in Burma
  6. O for a Thousand Tongues: Learning the Language
  7. Our Hearts are His Exclusive Property: The Life and Death of Roger Williams Judson
  8. Gospels Blossoms: The Burmese Inquire about Christ
  9. Strengthening Her Spiritual Muscles: Ann Waits on the Lord While Adoniram Is Lost at Sea
  10. Gospel First Fruits: The First Three Burmese Converts
  11. An Ornament to Her Religion: The First Female Convert
  12. A Little Church Rising up in the Wilderness: Thirteen Burmese Believers Gather to Worship Christ
  13. Fanning the Flame for Missions: Ann’s Arrival in America
  14. The Fruit of Her Solitude: Ann Writes and Publishes ‘An Account of the Baptist Mission to the Burman Empire’
  15. Making His Precious Name Known: Ann’s Return to Burma and Joyous Reunion with Her Husband
  16. Committing Her Case to God: Adoniram’s Arrest and Imprisonment
  17. Ordered by Infinite Love and Mercy: Two Years of Prison, Torture, Pain, Disease, Hunger, Weakness, and Suffering
  18. Manifesting His Beauty and Displaying His Worth: Suffering and Dying for the Sake of Christ