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Awakening: The Life and Ministry of Robert Murray McCheyne (Robertson)

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"Was McCheyne for real?"; "Was he just famous because he died so young?"; "Does he have anything to teach us today?"

In this book, David Robertson, the present-day minister of McCheyne's church, St Peter's in Dundee, Scotland, seeks to answer these and other questions. Through the use of published sermons, private papers and historical material, this contemporary devotional biography traces McCheyne's life and influence from his upbringing, conversion and training for the ministry to the revival that occurred in St. Peter's in 1839 and his early death. The contemporary relevance of McCheyne for today's church is demonstrated and the glory of God is seen in this wonderful story of what He can do with one 'consecrated sinner'.


Table of Contents:


1. Introduction to the Prophecy

2. The Contemporary Day of Yahweh (1:1-20)

3. The Impending Day of Yahweh (2:1-17)

4. The Eschatological Day of Yahweh (2:18-3:21)


1. Introduction to the Prophecy

2. The Judgment of Edom Enunciated (vv. 1-9)

3. The Crimes of Edom Explained (10-14)

4. The Judgment of Edom Expanded (15-21)



David Robertson, author of The Dawkins Letters and Awakening, is pastor of St Peter's Free Church of Scotland. Robertson is a trustee of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity and works to fulfil the Centre's mission to engage culture with the message of Christ.



"Recommended for anyone who wants to know how youthful enthusiasm grounded in the Bible and faith can overcome in the most adverse circumstances, and how conservatism and prejudices can then destroy what God has created. Powerful lessons for us all in fact." - Christian Marketplace, Resourcing retailers and suppliers

"The freshest presentation of McCheyne available" - Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Having used Robert Murray McCheyne's 1842 Bible Reading Calendar for many years, and having admired his hunger for holiness, I am very glad that David Robertson has written this new biography." - John Stott (1921-2011), Rector Emeritus, All Souls Church, Langham Place, London

"...a fine and fresh account of a great and godly minister of the gospel. David Robertson gives us new insight into McCheyne's personal life, and his preparation for preaching, his deep social concern and his absolute devotion to the glory of God as the ultimate motive of everything he did." - Eric Alexander, Conference speaker and formerly minister St George's Tron, Glasgow for 20 years