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Beacon-Light: The Life of William Borden [1887-1913] (Belmonte)

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Christian Focus Publications
Table of Contents:

The fascinating story of a young millionaire whose short life was lived in the service of his Lord

Although William Borden was taken from this world at the young age of 25, the years he lived were full of dedication to serve. Kevin Belmonte draws on letters, quotations and images to paint a unique picture of William’s life of commitment to God, delving into the ways ‘vital truth,’ as William called it, was the star he reckoned by. In the telling of the life story of William Borden, there is much to learn about living a life of devotion to God. The desire to live for Christ guided and shaped William’s life, from his school days, right up until his death.

With insightful extracts of letters and telling photos, the reader is taken on a journey through William’s life, from The Hill School, to Yale, to Princeton Seminary, and the beginning of his missionary training. Reading this book will give a wonderful view into Borden’s world, to know something of the voices and scenes he knew. A vital part of William’s life was his ‘Morning Watch’ (or what he also called his ‘breakfast’) – feeding on and contemplating the Word of God and growing deeper in his faith. It’s a privilege to have this unique insight into his life, and an inspiration for readers to strive to live such a life of devotion themselves.

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Award–winning author Kevin Belmonte holds a BA in English Literature from Gordon College, an MA in Church History from Gordon–Conwell Seminary, and a second master’s degree in American and New England Studies from the University of Southern Maine. He has twice been a Finalist for the John Pollock Award for Christian Biography, and in 2003, he won that award for his biography of William Wilberforce.


"With words carefully chosen and lovingly placed, Kevin Belmonte reverently tells the story of a short life lived brilliantly in service of God and God’s own. Belmonte’s Borden inspires and summons the reader to the noble destiny of being called by God to brightly bear God’s image in a world bedimmed and belittled by lesser aspirations." - Steve Bell, Singer/songwriter

"Like a note sung and reverberating through a great cathedral space, his short life continues to reverberate into the modern missionary movement. There is no better biographer than Kevin Belmonte to keep Borden’s beautiful song continuing." - Jeff Johnson , Award–winning musician

"In the tradition of Chariots of Fire and Eric Liddell, William Borden’s story reveals the hand of God at work in a remarkable way…Kevin Belmonte has brought to life another story from history that we desperately need today." - Chris Fabry, Moody Radio, host of ‘Chris Fabry Live’

"… in this engaging new biography by Kevin Belmonte, ‘Borden of Yale’ comes to life again for another generation. A book to inspire and encourage followers of Jesus everywhere." - Timothy George, Founding Dean of Beeson Divinity School, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama

"William Borden’s story will spur and encourage all of us to go into all the world…to preach God’s Word, in word and deed…" - The Honorable Jim Ryun , Former Member of Congress, 3 Time Olympian, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

"… having been given the gift of this book, I am freshly reminded of the gift Borden was to so many, including many like me, who read about him decades after his death. His story ranks with those of George Liele, Adoniram Judson, Lottie Moon, John Paton, Jim Elliot and others who’ve left home to make Christ known to all." - Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church and President,, Washington, DC