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Biblical Medicine: Developing a Christian Worldview for Medical Science (Bogosh)

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Christopher Bogosh develops a Christian worldview for medical science. Political, historical, philosophical, medical, and biblical, Biblical Medicine exposes the underlying assumptions governing modern healthcare, it dismantles them, and then it moves on to show how the timeless message of Holy Scripture is sufficient for medical science today.



Christopher W. Bogosh preaches and teaches regularly at New Hope Baptist Church in Saint Marys, Georgia, where he is a member. He is also a registered nurse at Community Hospice of Northeast Florida, serving as a clinical hospice liaison for Baptist Hospital and the surrounding community. Chris possesses a unique blend of medical and theological training, enabling him to engage the highly technical world of medical science while maintaining fidelity to the Scriptures.



"I am grateful for the work of Christopher Bogosh, and especially his call to others in the healthcare field. While Bogosh and I would not agree on many things, I am compelled to commend this work." - Franklin E. Payne

"Biblical Medicine exposes and confronts the challenges Christian medical professionals face in today's healthcare environment, and empowers them to stand boldly on Holy Scripture." - Robert L. Campbell