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Bless-ed (Dixon)

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Christian Focus


When we think about blessings, we often think about material gifts that God has provided. These are indeed things to be grateful for, but these are things that God has given to all people – what are the additional blessings we receive because we are his?

Have you given thought to the knowledge that you have a forgiven past, a promising present and a certain, glorious future? Have you thanked God for giving you a proper view of health, balanced emotions and a fearless intellectual life?

With one chapter for every week of the year, Larry Dixon looks at a different blessing that we have in our Christian life. He explains the blessing, gives Bible passages to examine, encourages us to take action with three action points, and also provides a guide for praying for unsaved friends to also know this blessing.


Filled with many little anecdotes, Larry’s writings constantly refer to the text of scripture as a basis for the many blessings. Larry’s book is based on sound biblical principles and careful use of the text of scripture. -Philip Boom, President of Emmaus Bible College, Dubuque, Iowa

The readings are short, which is great for people like me with a short attention span. However, the content is theologically rich. Prepare to be Bless–ed! -Jeff Philpott, Sandhills Community Church, Columbia, South Carolina

Here is good book to use for devotions that will stimulate the head, heart, and hands and feet! -Robert A. Peterson, Theologian, editor, and co–author, ‘Jesus In Prophecy: How Christ’s Life Fulfills Biblical Predictions’

About the Author

Dr. Larry Dixon is Professor Emeritus at Columbia International University, South Carolina. The author of over a dozen books, he and his wife Linda have been married over fifty years and have seven grandchildren. He blogs at