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Bone of Contention (Baker)

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Evangelical Press

First published as a series of articles in 1976, then in magazine format, this work has been completely revised and updated with new diagrams incorporating current information. Always intended to be understandable to the general reader, this book covers the reasons why a conservative young-earth biblical view of the creation of our world fits the evidence. It would be easily read by teenage children but has enough information to satisfy an enquiring adult.

Fossil evidence is examined, along with genetics and the age of the earth. There is an emphasis on the historical reasons for how Darwinian evolution has come to be so widely accepted despite much contrary evidence. The book includes a useful biography which also lists helpful websites.


Table of Contents: 

  1. How evolution took over
  2. Just what do the fossils prove?
  3. Genesis and Genetics
  4. How young is the Earth?
  5. The truth about human history



Sylvia Baker has a BSc in Biology, an MSc in Radiation Biology and a PhD in Education. Following her MSc, she worked as a researcher in a neuroscience laboratory for 2 years and then taught for 27 years. Much of that teaching involved Biology. She is still involved in Education research which includes investigating the teaching of creation and evolution in the education system.