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But God...": The Two Words at the Heart of the Gospel (Lute)

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Cruciform Press
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Whether from the pen of Moses, Paul, or other biblical authors, “But God” appears in various forms hundreds of times in the Bible. To understand these two words as they are used in Scripture is to understand the gospel. This book focuses on nine of the most important appearances of this key phrase, drawing in numerous other passages of Scripture and in the process unfolding the magnificent drama of God’s sovereign grace—from his mercy on Noah to our security in a resurrected Savior. 

Taken together, this collection of brief Bible expositions provides a big-picture overview of the consistent way in which God has chosen to save sinners. It has always been by his might, his power, his grace, and his initiative.

James Montgomery Boice wrote that “If you understand those two words—’but God’—they will save your soul. If you recall them daily and live by them, they will transform your life completely.”

Table of Contents:

Part One: God Shows How He Saves

1. God Preserves Humanity (Genesis 8:1, Noah)

2. God Creates a Nation (Exodus 13:18, The Red Sea)

3. God Preserves His Nation (Nehemiah 9:17, Israel the God-Fighter)

Part Two: God Provides Salvation for His People

4. God Provides a Better Sacrifice (Psalm 40:6-8, The Incarnation)

5. God Demonstrates His Love for His People (Romans 5:8, The Cross)

6. God Raises Jesus from the Dead (Acts 13:30, The Resurrection)

Part Three: God Applies Salvation to His People

7. God Chooses the Foolish and the Weak (1 Corinthians 1:27, Election)

8. God Brings Life Out of Death (Ephesians 2:4, Salvation)

9. God’s Firm Foundation Stands (2 Timothy 2:19, Perseverance) 



Casey Lute lives in Salem, Oregon with his wife, Kelly, and their two children. He holds a master's degree in Biblical Studies from The Master's College, a bachelor's degree in Ministry from Corban University, and has served as a staff pastor at churches in California and Colorado.



"Casey Lute reminds us that nothing is impossible with God, that we must always reckon with God, and that God brings life out of death and joy out of sorrow. Faith looks to God for everything we need, and we are reminded here that our God is the fountain of living waters, and that nothing can defeat us if God is for us." - Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Casey Lute has seized upon the brief expression, 'But God...' that appears at some crucial locations in the Great Story of God's plan for his creation. He traces these references within their contexts and with concise and meaningful commentary. What results is a mini-theology that will speak to the needs of every reader of this small but powerful book. Read it yourself and you will be blessed. Give it to a friend and you will be a blessing." - William Varner, Professor of Biblical Studies, The Master's College

"Keying off of nine occurrences of 'But God' in the English Bible, Casey Lute ably opens up Scripture in a manner that is instructive, edifying, encouraging, and convicting. This little book would be useful in family or personal readings, or as a gift to a friend. You will enjoy Casey's style, you will have a fresh view of some critical Scripture, and your appreciation for God's mighty grace will be deepened." - Dan Phillips, Pyromaniacs blog, author of The World-Tilting Gospel