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Christ and the Culture Wars (Chang)

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Christian Focus


In our modern world the gospel of Jesus is seen by many less as good news for all humanity, and more as the bigoted edicts of a bygone era. Benjamin Chang explores the stories of the revolution, tracing the trajectories of four of the biggest social justice movements – feminism, racial justice, gay pride and the trans movement – before looking at the ways Christians usually engage with these arenas of cultural conflict (mirror, argue, ignore) and identifying a better way forward.

Rather than hunkering down in our own identity tribes, arguing against other groups, or ignoring what is going on in the culture around us, Chang encourages Christians to find ways to speak for Jesus. He urges us to look at the way we tell stories, and consider whether we can re–capture hearts in our culture by telling a more powerful counter–narrative. He gives us language to use to speak about the cross in our world of identity politics. We will see that the gospel resonates with a culture when it speaks the language of the culture.


It is so important in our generation to see those around us not as the enemy, but as our mission. Every pastor and thoughtful Christian will be helped by this book. -Grant Retief, Rector, Christ Church Stellenbosch, South Africa

A must–read for any Christian who not only wants to better understand the issues but also wants to know how to respond in a constructive and Christ–like manner. -Martin Salter, Lead Pastor, Grace Community Church, Bedford, UK and Author, ‘So Loved: 26 Words That Can Change Your Life’

Ben Chang has done us all a service in this clear and simple introduction to one of the most powerful trends in West at the moment. … Only in the gospel of Jesus Christ – shared in word and deed – can the true identity, justice and hopes of the West be found. -Stephen Nichols, Vicar, All Saints Church, Lindfield

… will greatly help us fulfil the Great Commission to our generation. -Rico Tice, Author and Founder of Christianity Explored Ministries

About the Author

Ben Chang is a speaker and writer, as well as working full–time in the health sector. He speaks regularly at conferences, universities and churches on a range of issues including medical ethics, mental health, identity politics and cultural engagement. He blogs at