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Christ is Yours: The Assurance of Salvation in the Puritan Theology of William Gouge (Rivera)

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Lexham Press

Maintaining hope in Christ for the weary soul.

In the face of trials and tribulations, persevering in the faith can be a difficult task. For Puritan pastor-theologian William Gouge, this question was of critical importance for those he shepherded. His theology of assurance during the difficult seasons in life provided direction and help to weary souls.

In Christ Is Yours, Eric Rivera explores Gouge’s theology, revealing a man who cared deeply about the truths of Scripture and the spiritual lives of his community. His theology was focused on the promises of God found in Scripture while staying grounded in the realities of life. This message of perseverance and hope is just as necessary for Christ-followers today as it was then. Written for academics and pastors alike, Rivera brings this important theology to a modern audience.

Eric Rivera (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is Lead Pastor of The Brook in Chicago. He and his wife, Erikah, are also conference speakers with FamilyLife's "Weekend to Remember" getaways.

Though not as well known today as some Puritans, William Gouge was a giant of Reformed practical divinity. Dr. Rivera’s excellent, broad-ranging study sheds much light on both Puritan theology and the Christian life in general, and on assurance of faith in particular. This work succeeds in unveiling how the Puritans combined academic theology with practical piety, so as to glorify God and do their souls good.
Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

 Though almost entirely forgotten today, the Puritan pastor and theologian William Gouge was one of the most influential church leaders in England during the first-half of the seventeenth century. Eric Rivera’s masterful study of Gouge’s practical divinity examines the theological convictions and practical commitments of a skilled pastor as he addressed his parishioners’ most pressing concerns regarding Christian sanctification and the assurance of faith. In our present age where Christian leaders are routinely enticed by celebrity and size, Gouge’s rich pastoral wisdom is both timeless and timely.
Scott M. Manetsch, Professor of Church History, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School