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Conflicts Between Doubt and Assurance (Livingstone)

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'I find faith fighting in you against unbelief, and where faith and unbelief are in one soul, fighting, faith shall ever prevail.' -William Livingstone (1576-1641)

Bessie Clarkson is a troubled woman, her doubts about her own salvation are so severe that she seems to resist all spiritual help. Can she find hope in the midst of seeming despair? This account is both touching and harrowing as we follow her real-life dialogue with William Livingstone.

He seeks to counsel a person who despairs of assurance in a way that seems virtually irrecoverable. Her words demonstrate what conflicts a soul may endure and how we dare not treat such matters lightly. The book shows how a faithful spiritual counsellor may deal tenderly with such a difficult situation. As William Livingstone concludes, believers must labour to have a lively and effectual faith, in the depth of our soul.