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Confronting Kingdom Challenges: A Call to Global Christians to Carry the Burden Together (Logan)

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It takes only one look at today's news page or one listen to the news shows to understand that, clearly, there is no shortage of kingdom challenges for the twenty-first-century church at large, for Christian organizations and agencies, or for us as individuals. In the face of such enormous problems as the rise of pagan world religions, AIDS, sexual abuse and trafficking, urban poverty, and ethnic and religious conflict, what can you and your fellow Christians do?

According to the diverse group of contributors in this book, you can choose to get involved, sharing not only the kingdom burdens but the kingdom opportunities with other brothers and sisters in Christ so that no Christian, no church, no ministry, no nation has to confront these challenges alone. But how can you join in doing the work you are called to do? The superb analysis, biblical solutions, and reality-tested ideas put forth in this book by some of the leaders of the global Reformed and evangelical church will show you.

Coming from the fields of religion, education, medicine, broadcasting, psychology, urban ministry, and missions, these fellow Christians are encountering the challenges daily. Their suggestions will give you a grasp of not only what is necessary to be a global evangelical Christian today but how to respond to the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of others around the world-and perhaps in your own backyard.

Table of Contents:

Part One: Theological Foundations

1. The Evangelistic Context of Burden Sharing – Peter Jensen

2. The Biblical Mandate of Unity in Burden Sharing – Ric Cannada

3. The Danger of Disunity in Burden Sharing – In Whan Kim

Part Two: Practical Applications – Sharing Challenges

4. Sharing the Burden of Ethnic Conflict in the Middle East – Charles Clayton

5. Sharing the Burden of Global Sex Trafficking – Diane Langberg

6. Sharing the Burden of Modern Paganism – Peter Jones

7. Sharing the Burden of Defending the Gospel – Yusufu Turaki

8. Sharing the Burden of HIV/Aids – David R. Haburchak

Part Three: Practical Applications: Sharing Opportunities

9. Sharing the Opportunity of Missions – John Nicholls

10. Sharing the Opportunity of Ministry to the Global Urban Poor – Manuel Ortiz

11. Sharing the Opportunity of Ministerial Spiritual Formation – Victor Cole  

12. Sharing the Opportunity of Theological Education – Wilson Chow

13. Sharing the Opportunity of Radio Ministry – Jimmy Lin

Part Four: A Final Challenge

14. Sharing Kingdom Burdens and Opportunities with ‘Mainline’ and ‘Separated’ Brothers and Sisters – Ron Scates

Members of the World Reformed Fellowship


Samuel T. Logan Jr. is president and professor of church history emeritus at Westminster Theological Seminary, where he joined the faculty in 1979 and served as president from 1991 to 2005. He is the executive secretary of the World Reformed Fellowship. He earned a PhD in theology and literature from Emory University and is an ordained minister of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.