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David Brainerd: A Flame for God (Christie)

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Christian Focus Publications
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Introduction by John Macarthur. David Brainerd was devoted to live for his Lord. He lived a short life but in his four years as a missionary he was blessed with a period of revival amongst the Indians to whom he had been ministering. By considering the life of Brainerd this book will be of tremendous spiritual benefit to you as you read of a young man plagued with depression and yet made so effective under God.


Table of Contents:

Foreword by John MacArthur

1. Boyhood and Conversion

2. Spiritual Awakening at Yale

3. College Conflict

4. Awaiting God’s Direction

5. Licensed to Preach

6. Appointed as a Missionary

7. A Start among the Indians

8. Timely Encouragement and Fresh Challenges

9. Wintertime Studies and Reflections

10. ‘Resolved to Go on Still with the Indian Affair’

11. Summer at the Forks 

12. First Susquehanna Journey

13. Hope and Despair

14. Seeking a Missionary Colleague

15. A Difficult and Disappointing Itineration

16. The Spirit’s Stirring

17. Days of God’s Power

18. Ministering Where Satan Reigns

19. Progress of a Remarkable Work of Grace  

20. The Continued Stirring

21. Conviction, Conversions and Opposition

22. Ministering to Exhaustion

23. Preparing a New Settlement 

24. ‘One Continued Flame for God’

25. Invaluable Insights concerning Indian Ministry

26. Final Susquehanna Journey

27. Final Ministry among the Indians

28. Illness at Elizabethtown

29. Near Death at Boston

30. Temporary Recovery 

31. Finishing the Course

32. Ongoing Influence

Appendix: Brainerd’s Depression 



Vance Christie is a pastor and author specialising in missionary biographies. He lives in Aurora, Nebraska and has previously written for the ‘Heroes of the Faith’ series.



"Vance Christie has given us a thorough, engaging, meticulously documented but wonderfully readable chronicle of the life of David Brainerd. Christie makes Brainerd live and breathe for the twenty-first century reader in a vivid, colorful account of the young man's heart, mind, and work. This is a splendid volume, full of insight into what drove Brainerd to give his life in the Lord's service—despite several obstacles that would seem insurmountable to the typical person today." - John MacArthur ~ Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California