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Deep Simplicity: Meditations on Abiding in Christ (Darnell)

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Christian Focus

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To abide is to remain, to rest, to dwell, to be at home. Emily Darnell encourages readers to truly abide in God and His Word, not just to read a couple of verses, but to take time to meditate on it and be nourished. Each chapter will unfold an aspect of abiding, ending with some practices to incorporate in personal worship, or Scriptures to meditate upon to grow deeper in grace, and in knowledge and love of the One who loved you first.



Emily Darnell lives in Virginia with her husband and children. She teaches a women’s Bible Study, and plans events at her local church. She enjoys adventuring with her family in the Blue Ridge Mountains, gardening, and good books. Emily earned a M. A. in Religious Studies: Philosophical Theology from Liberty University, Virginia.



"One of the most wonderful promises Christ has given us is to be with us always, but what does it mean to practise His presence and enjoy His transforming friendship? Here is a remarkable book of meditations on one of the most vital but most neglected aspects of Christian living. Every page is rich in biblical wisdom to be savoured phrase by phrase. If you read slowly and reflect prayerfully, this sharply focused book will deepen your devotion to Christ, nurture your inner life, and align your thoughts with eternity."

Jonathan Lamb, Minister–at–large for Keswick Ministries, IFES Vice President, and former Director, Langham Preaching

"If you have longed—really yearned and desired—to know God better along with having at your fingertips many biblical and practical suggestions for how such steps may be pursued in multiple areas, then these meditations are for you. Designed to add layer upon layer of growth in order to achieve our depth completely in Christ, such wisdom is not often found. These meditations are recommended for the pursuit of God."

Gary R. Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia