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Earnest Hours, to Which Is Added: The Bible True, and Infidelity Wicked -And- Rome Against the Bible, and the Bible Against Rome (Plumer)

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Read these volumes with a desire to know how to better equip yourself to "[respect] the gospel, its author, its nature, its power and the responsibilities accompanying it." In doing so, it will profit your soul!


I. Earnest Hours (330 pages)


Table of Contents:

  1. Man a Proof of the Truths of Natural Religion
  2. The Bible is the Word of God
  3. The Scripture is Unchanging and Unfailing
  4. God’s Nature and Ways are Unsearchable
  5. Practical Remarks on Chapter 4
  6. Human Accountability
  7. Deductions from Chapter 6
  8. The Responsibilities of Educated Men
  9. All Men are Sinners
  10. Sin is Horrible
  11. The Saint Excels the Sinner
  12. Thoughts on Noah, His Times, His faith and His Ark
  13. The Life and Character of the Apostle Peter
  14. Lessons from the Life and Fall of Peter
  15. Nine Questions about Pleasing
  16. How God’s People May Make Great Attainments
  17. The Privileges of Believers
  18. Good Works, Their Basis and Their Nature
  19. Rites Vain Compared with Hearty Piety Towards God and Genuine Kindness Towards Man
  20. Instability in Religion
  21. The Falls of Good Men
  22. Self-Deception. It Is Easy. There is Much of It
  23. Self-Deception. The Signs of It. The Danger of It
  24. Modern Missions
  25. The Right Temper for a Student of the Bible


II. The Bible True and Infidelity Wicked (71 Pages)


Table of Contents: 

  1. General Observations
  2. Our Scriptures Genuine
  3. A Revelation Reasonable
  4. Miracles
  5. Prophecy
  6. Collateral Proofs
  7. Scientific Objections
  8. The Causes of Infidelity
  9. Infidelity Worthless, Destructive


III. Rome Against the Bible, and the Bible Against Rome; or, Pharisaism, Jewish and Papal (106 pages)


Table of Contents: 

  1. Pharisaism Among the Jews – How it Kept the People in Ignorance of God’s Word
  2. Papists Practice the Arts of Their Jewish Forerunners, and with like Effects
  3. Papists go Beyond the Pharisees, and are Hostile to the Free Use and General Circulation of God’s Word
  4. This Opposition is Unreasonable and Unscriptural
  5. It is Condemned by the Voice of Antiquity
  6. Conclusion. Address to Romish Priests, to Private Members of the Romish Church, and to Protestants



William Swan Plumer (1802-80) was a minister, author, and theological professor. Plumer was a prolific author and active churchman. His published works include commentaries, biblical studies, articles, essays, sermons, and a volume on pastoral theology. His writings, while profoundly theological in nature, are very practical in focus. His books represent a high point in the theological-devotional literature produced of nineteenth century American Presbyterianism.