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Essays on Christian Education

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  The first two parts of this book deal with problems facing the teachers in Christian day schools on an elementary level. The deal with the goal, the standard, and the motivation of the entire project of Christian education. 

  The second part points out that various non-Christian philosophies of education face the dilemma that every non-Christian philosophy of life faces and only a Christian, more specifically a Reformed philosophy of education, escapes facing this dilemma. 

  The third part discusses the recent neo-liberal and new-orthodox reconstructions of the principles of Christian education. These neo-liberal and neo-orthodox reconstructions face the same dilemma that historic non-Christian philosophies of education face.

  The conclusion is that the final debate in the field of education is part and parcel with the final debate in the field of general philosophy. The task of Christian education is, accordingly, that of offering the self-attesting Christ of Scripture as the one in terms of whom alone learning by experience is possible.