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The Reformation era revolution in preaching and interpreting the Bible did not occur without keen attention to the Old Testament Scriptures. This is especially true with regard to the Hebrew prophets. Ezekiel and Daniel, replete with startling, unnerving imagery and visions, apocalyptic oracles of judgment and destruction, captivated the reformers as they sought to understand their time and themselves through the lens of Scripture. Equally, these prophetic books underscored the covenantal promises to God's people and the hope of restoration, which the Reformers understood to be the righteousness of Christ made available in faith.

Reformation commentary on the prophets Ezekiel and Daniel are windows into the biblical, theological and pastoral minds of the reformers as they engage the details of the texts, make theological judgments and apply fresh reading of Scripture to their contemporary hearers. Familiar passages, such as Ezekiel's dazzling vision of the wheels, the building of the temple, or Daniel's four beasts, are given new layers and textures.

This volume collects the comments of the monumental figures like Luther, Calvin and Melancthon, alongside many lesser known and read thinkers, such as Heinrich Bullinger, Hans Denck, Giovanni Diodati, Johann Gerhard, John Mayer, Matthew Mead, Johann Oecolampadius, Jakob Raupius, Johann Wigand and Andrew Willet. Several beloved English Puritans are included as well: Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, Thomas Manton and John Owen. The wealth of Reformation interpretation on these books of Scripture is brought together for the first time.


Carl L. Beckwith (PhD, University of Notre Dame) is associate professor of church history at Beeson Divinity School, Samford University. He has authored articles on church history for a variety of monographs and journals.


"Biblical scholars, church historians, and preachers will benefit greatly from this volume's historical and interpretive insights."

Mark Glen Bilby, Religious Studies Review, Volume 39, Number 2, June 2013

"Ezekiel, Daniel provides an excellent opportunity for readers to enter into the minds of the Reformers as they engage and interpret two of the cardinal documents of the faith. . . . Ezekiel, Daniel will certainly be useful for believers, students, and scholars of the Bible who wish to have a better understanding of the Reformation."

Armond Boudreaux, Sixteenth Century Journal, XLIV/1 (2013)

"Carl Beckwith's Ezekiel, Daniel provides good, sizeable excerpts from Reformation Era commentary on these prophetic books. It is especially valuable in difficult books such as these to see how the church in previous ages dealt with certain texts."

Ray Van Neste, Preaching, November/December 2012