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Family Money Matters: How to Run your Family Finances to God's Glory (Temple)

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“How should I plan financially for the future? Should I ever get into debt?” This practical book lays out the secular basis of Western economics and then establishes biblical principles for home finance in areas such as debt, choosing a home, buying a car, insurance, and pensions. Included are sample tables and links to downloadable spreadsheets.



Dr. John Temple comes from South Africa.  Holding a PhD from King's College, London, and an AEP (MBA equivalent) from the University of South Africa, he has spent most of his life in top management, including thirteen years as CEO of an international group.  He and his wife, Yvonne, live in the New Forest, England, but they spend a great deal of time in the USA, where three of their four children and their families live.  John has spent a lifetime exploring ways of applying the Bible to everyday life, including domestic finances, and he and Yvonne used the principles outlined in this book in raising their family.




“I am thankful for John Temple’s book. Here is a man who loves God, loves the wisdom of the Word and is zealous to help you build a biblical worldview of your money and how you use it. What is even better is that he will not only challenge the motives of your heart and tell you how to think, he will also tell you what to do.” – Paul David Tripp

“Did you ever long for a simple, short, wise guide from a Christian perspective on how to handle family finances? John Temple has provided it in Family Money matters, which covers the basics of biblical views on stewardship, heart-motivation, and generosity, as well as practical advice about living within your means, establishing a family budget, and addressing questions related to investments, insurance, debt, and much more. This little book is packed full of biblical principles and practicalities from a brother who lives what he writes.” – Joel R. Beeke