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Following God: Fruitful Lives From the Bible (Mackenzie)

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Christian Focus Publications
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If you were standing underneath a plum tree you wouldn't expect to see bananas hanging there. If you reached up into the leaves of an apple tree you wouldn't pull down a coconut on top of your head. That just wouldn't happen. You know what sort of tree it is by its fruit and the Bible says that you know if someone is a Christian or not by the fruit of their lives. What sort of fruit is that?... well there is one fruit that is produced in a Christian and that is the Fruit of the Spirit. Find out about the different parts of this fruit by reading this book... and by reading Galatians Chapter 5 from the Bible.

Table of Contents:

  1. Right and Wrong
  2. One Fruit
  3. True Love
  4. Real Joy
  5. Peace for You
  6. Waiting Patiently  
  7. Kindness
  8. Are You Really Good?
  9. Faith in God
  10. Meekness not Weakness
  11. A Life Under Control
  12. Jesus – The Perfect Example


Carine Mackenzie’s talent for retelling Bible stories has meant that children from all over the world have been given the opportunity to discover Jesus Christ for themselves. The first title written in the kitchen with the assistance of a basin of water has inspired the production of many other books. Carine's 150th book 365 Great Bible Stories was released in July. She has sales of over 3 million books. She stays in Inverness, Scotland.