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God's Care for the Widow: Encouragement and Wisdom for those who Grieve (Walker)

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This book is written for widows to comfort them in their various troubles. Throughout the Bible God makes himself known as the one who defends, comforts and provides for the widow. From the days of Moses and the prophets, to the time of the Lord Jesus Christ and the early church, widows have been the object of his fatherly care. Written under the conviction that the church of Christ is responsible for relieving the distress of widows this book seeks to draw out God's wisdom for the widow. Naomi, Ruth, the widows of Zarephath and Nain, the Jerusalem widows, and Mary, the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ are among those considered.



Austin Walker comes from North London. Following qualification as a secondary-school teacher, he studied at Westminster Theological Seminary, USA.  In 1975 after his return to the UK, he became one of the pastors of what is now known as Maidenbower Baptist Church in Crowley, West Sussex, becoming full-time in 1979, and he has continued in that role up to the present day.  Austin is married to Mai and they have four children and seven grandchildren.



"James 1:27 is very clear on some of the deeds that need to emanate from a converted heart: a life separated from the corruption of the world and the taking care of orphans and widows. In recent days much has been written about adopting orphans, but little is written specifically for widows and their needs. Here is considerable help and encouragement for widows, as well as important insights for those who minister to them. May Austin Walker's much-needed and welcome application of the numerous passages on widows have a wide circulation!" — Dr Michael A G Haykin, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 

"Does the Bible have much to say by way of precepts and examples concerning God’s special care for and commitment to the broken hearts and shattered lives of widows? Do the Scriptures address the church regarding its peculiar responsibilities to be sensitive and caring with respect to the peculiar needs of its widows? Are there clear directives to widows themselves regarding how they may best cope with their widowhood and even use that state as a platform for greater service to Christ and to his people? In this Scripture-soaked book, written out of an experienced and caring pastor’s heart, these questions are answered with tenderness and biblical authority. Thank you, Pastor Walker, for giving us a much-needed book." — Albert N. Martin, B. A.; D. D.—former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Montville New Jersey; Conference Speaker; lecturer in Pastoral Theology