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Handbook of Theology (Robertson)

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Church-Members' Handbook of Theology

The design of this book has been to place a theological hand-book in the possession of every church-member. The author has dug down to the solid rocks on which his own faith rested. The design of this title has not been to uncover golden veins of new thought, but to bring down to the masses, in simple language, the forms of thought with which the student and minister are quite familiar.


Table of Contents:

1. On Man’s Moral Nature

2. On the Origin of Human Depravity; Of Total Depravity

3. Of the Human Will

4. Regeneration

5. The Doctrine of Faith

6. Repentance

7. Justification

8. The Final Perseverance of the Saints

9. On the Inevitable and Eternal Security of the Church

10. Predestination and Election; Election

11. Atonement; Of the Justice of Vicarious Sufferings; Of the Value and Sufficiency of Atonement; The Extent of the Atonement; The Specific Design of Atonement; Atonement and Intercession