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Hidden Evil: A Biblical & Pastoral Response to Domestic Abuse (Davies)

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Domestic abuse is an ugly, but all too real, problem that is often not dealt with well within our churches. Eryl Davies tells the stories of domestic abuse survivors – both men and women – who have been let down by their churches’ reactions. How are we to respond biblically to such situations? How do pastors and church leaders address this problem when both victim and abuser are part of their congregation? As well as making the reader aware of the reality of this issue, Davies gives helpful guidelines and suggestions for church leaders dealing with cases of domestic abuse.



Eryl Davies is an elder at Heath Evangelical Church, Cardiff and consulting editor of the Evangelical Magazine. He was a minister and principal of Evangelical Theological College of Wales (now Union School of Theology) before his retirement.



… blends personal accounts, biblical insight, and pastoral wisdom. I wept as I read sections of the book, and was forced to think deeply about what I believed and taught. I pray that this book would help many to find safety and love in the church. 

- Jonathan Thomas, Pastoral Dean, Union School of Theology and Pastor of Cornerstone Church, Abergavenny, Wales


Writing with patience and care Eryl acknowledges the courage of sufferers, and brings scripture to bear on the sin of domestic abuse. Helpful pastoral advice is presented, and a clear biblical understanding of marriage presented. The chapter on divorce is particularly stimulating.

- Philip Swann, Pastoral Theology lecturer for the Evangelical Movement of Wales


… wakes us up to the disturbing reality that the church is not immune to the horrors of domestic abuse … Yet this is not something the church knows how to handle. Davies gives us the data and tools we need to dig our heads out of the sand and help those in danger!

- Natalie Brand, Lecturer, Union School of Theology, Bridgend, South Wales


… a must–read for all in church leadership, especially in Bible–believing churches, and perhaps particularly in independent churches. It should also be read by as many Bible–believing Christians as possible.

- Hector Morrison, Principal, Highland Theological College, Dingwall