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How to Be a Lady (Newcomb)

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The ethical principles and practices outlined by the author of this volume constitute indispensible advice for Christian girls who desire to become godly women for the glory of God. Chapter titles include "Piety as the Spring of Action and Regulator of the Soul," "Treatment of Brothers and Sisters and Others in the Family," "Behavior at Table," "Choice of Society and Formation of Friendships," "Government of the Tongue," etc. This book should be in every home, and in the library of every young lady.

Education begins in the family. It is carried forward in the school. It is affected, for good or for evil, by the influence of public worship, lectures, books, amusements, companions, etc. In all places and circumstances, something is doing towards the formation of character. Your character is constantly forming. It is your business to keep out of the way of bad influences, and submit yourself to the moulding of the good. Keep in mind the great truth that you are forming a character for eternity. Some years ago, there were found on the banks of the Mississippi River the tracks of a human being, deeply imprinted in the solid rock. These tracks were made in the soft clay which in time became hardened, and formed into stone; now, the impression is immovable. You now resemble this soft clay. Everything with which you come in contact makes an impression. But, as you grow older, your character acquires solidity, and is less and less affected by these influences, till at length it will be like the hard stone, and the impressions made upon you at this season will become confirmed habits.