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In Defense of the Fatherless: Redeeming International Adoption and Orphan Care (Brinton & Bennett)

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In Defense of the Fatherless invites readers on a journey through the Bible to understand God’s heart for orphans and widows. Designed as a practical resource for Christian families and churches, the book empowers and inspires Christian to reform international adoption and orphan care. In Defense of the Fatherless casts a powerful vision for the end of the orphan crisis, inviting Christians to protect and provide for orphans and widows in response to God’s mercy.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Orphan Crisis
  2. Growing up in an Orphanage
  3. To Visit Orphans
  4. International Adoption: At what cost?
  5. Seeking God’s Heart for the Fatherless
  6. The Father’s Hands
  7. Families not Institutions
  8. Make a Lasting Difference
  9. Redeeming International Adoption
  10. First Families First
  11. Defending the Fatherless
  12. Good News for Broken Families



Amanda Bennett is a lawyer living in in Kigali, Rwanda with her husband and son. She serves on the board of directors for Reeds of Hope, a non-profit serving vulnerable families and children in DRC.

Sara Brinton is a writer and social entrepreneur with a passion for reforming international adoption and orphan care. She lives in Austin, Texas with their four children, including daughter Gabrielle who was adopted from Uganda. 



"...will challenge, convict and fuel a conversation that is much needed today for the church to move forward in international adoption and orphan care passionately, wisely, and ethically." - Jason Kovacs, Cofounder of Together for Adoption, Austin, Texas

"...makes us all ask the questions: are we, as the church, caring for orphans and vulnerable children well? And how can we be doing better?" - Megan Parker, Co-Founder, Abide Family Center, Jinja, Uganda

"...the book every adoption and family preservation advocate has been waiting to read." - Jessica Honegger, Founder and CEO, Noonday Collection

"...reveal some of the sobering and rather painful realities in overseas adoptions." - Bill Bertsche, Executive Pastor, The Moody Church, Chicago, Illinois

"This book should be on the 2015 reading list for all those in church leadership." - Steve Timmis, Executive Director of the Acts 29 Network & Pastor, The Crowded House, Sheffield

"Any couple thinking of adopting, any church wanting to be involved in solving this problem should read this book." - Mary Whelchel, Director of Women’s Ministries, The Moody Church, Chicago, Illinois

"Sometimes you read a book that offends you because it forces you to rethink your worldview on a key topic. If you read In Defense of the Fatherless with a willingness to struggle and admit past mistakes, as well as a desire to learn, you just might find a new way forward on what it means to care for the fatherless on a deeper, more holistic level." - Chris Marlow, Founder & CEO, Help One Now, Raleigh, North Carolina

" will find a wealth of wisdom and a clear challenge from God. Watch out. Your life may never be the same." - Phil Moore, Author of Gagging Jesus and Leader, Everyday Church, London

"Adoption is close to the Heart of God. This book presents a realistic and responsible look at how and why Christians should respond to international adoption. It is heart-warming to see how Christians have responded to God's call for justice." - Nola Leach, CEO, CARE, London