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Instincts: Instinctive Behaviors of Humans & Animals in Creation (Callahan)

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Inside Instincts by Design, you will discover scientific mysteries of human and animal bodies only creation can explain. This fascinating, full-color book explores the instincts that are necessary for life, helpful for growth, and necessary for protection.

Instincts by Design will keep readers captivated with answers to questions like these:

  • How does a baby know when to inhale and exhale?
  • How does a mother’s milk change to meet the needs of her baby?
  • Why is the instinct to sleep one that we cannot override?
  • Why is it important that your tongue is the center of your taste receptors?
  • Why is the hunger instinct crucial for survival?
  • What instincts help brainless jellyfish hunt and kill their prey?
  • Why would God give horses the ability to sleep standing up?
  • How do more than 5000 species of birds journey thousands of miles every year?

The key question for someone doubting there is a God is whether these complex sets of instructions could have appeared without a Programmer. Instincts by Design is the #ProBible resource you will want to share with family and friends who need more evidence that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Almighty God. Christian readers will finish this book with an awe of the creative, perfectionist God who loves us so much that he did all this for everyone.


E. Howard Callahan is a retired chemical engineer with a master’s degree in theology. As a chemical engineer, he spent years working in the fields of chemistry and biology. As a Christian, he has spent over 60 years studying the Bible and how it applies so well to our everyday lives. He continued learning physics and chemistry, including organic and inorganic, as he got his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at Georgia Tech. Howard’s engineering experience has included research and development (R&D) work that revealed to him how God made the world. Howard ran the chemistry lab for Dr. O.A. Battista, who was an expert in polymer chemistry, especially in the two polymers that make up probably 80 percent of all living things: cellulose and collagen. Then Howard did R&D work on aloe vera, learning of its many uses in humans and extracting a drug from it. Next was R&D for an anticancer drug-delivery system. Lastly, Howard helped develop and manufacture an artificial scab for very large wounds.