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Introducing I Timothy: A Book for Today (Macleay)

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Christian Focus Publications

Timothy from Lystra was known as 'son' of Paul the Apostle who, as his apprentice, was to learn the things of the faith from him. Timothy was later to be sent to Ephesus serving as Paul's representative. The Ephesians had lost their focus on the message of the gospel. They were materialistic and their lives were marked by ungodly living. Timothy's task was to call them back to the cross and what Jesus Christ had done for them, setting their sights on what they will receive when Christ returns for them. Until then they were to live lives of godliness and holiness. This is a book which will equip you for your own study of the book of 1 Timothy and ultimately in teaching it, showing how we can navigate a godly life even in today's culture. It help you to ask the questions Why should we read 1 Timothy today? What are the main themes? This is a Pocket Guide version of Teaching 1 Timothy (978-1-84550-808-1) and includes an introductory study.


Angus Macleay is the Rector of St. Nicholas, a large Anglican Church in Sevenoaks, and is also a member of the Church of England General Synod. One of St. Nicholas’ previous ministers was the poet, John Donne. The recent story of the church is told by the book ‘The Church that went under’.