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Is God for Real? Believing in the God Who is There (Shank & Hemmings)

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A story–based introduction to apologetics answers some big questions, and encourages kids to keep asking them. 10–year–old Samantha and her brother, Joshua, have some big questions about God, and their parents are ready to help them explore the answers. Join them as they find out what the Bible has to say, and what it means for their lives.

Each chapter in this book addresses a big question, including:

  • Who is God?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • Is God for Real?
  • How Did We Get the Bible?
  • Did God Really Create Everything?
  • Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
  • Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?
  • How Can I Be Saved?
  • Why Don’t My Friends Believe?

The conversation between parents and children makes the explanation easy to read, and the chapter ends with a passage of Scripture to read, a verse or two to memorize and a few discussion questions.


Jeriah Shank is a pastor, apologist, and theologian. He lives in Iowa with his wife and two daughters.

Teresa Hemmings is a wife, mom, and homemaker in Iowa with an affinity for words and coffee.


… I am convinced that we are waiting too long to begin teaching apologetics (knowing and defending Christian beliefs) to our children. This book is the best place to begin for addressing this urgent need, especially to parents who aren’t sure where to begin. -Jay Lucas, Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church, Washington Courthouse, Ohio; author, ‘Ask Them Why’

Have you ever wanted to help your children or grandchildren understand and defend their faith? This beautifully illustrated book will be a great resource to read with them.What a wonderful addition this book will be to the family library. -Jeannie Vogel, Bible Study Author and Women’s Ministry Consultant

The most important questions we can ask are the ones that challenge our faith. This book asks those questions and sketches biblically orthodox answers, with suggested further readings to provide still fuller answers. I highly recommend this book. -Bill Dembski, Author of many books on Intelligent Design

… I feel that anyone who picks up this book will be able to take away truly meaningful aspects of God’s Word that relate to their existence -Darci Roorda, Mom and educator

Jeriah and Teresa, with the help of some beautiful illustrations from Emma, help answer nine of the basic questions that many children have.  The format is accessible, the Scripture is taught, and room is left for further discussion.  What more could you want? -David Robertson, Well–known pastor and apologist

… a good story, beautifully illustrated, with strong Christian teaching, well–rooted in Scripture, and rarest of all, it surveys a handful of apologetics topics … I trust many homes will be blessed by it. -John D. Ferrer, Equal Rights Institute and Norman Geisler International Ministries