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Is God Past His Sell By Date? (Blanchard)

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Evangelical Press

From time to time, philosophers, scientists, authors and other movers and shakers have hit the headlines with claims that God is non-existent, irrelevant or 'past his sell-by date'. This book has been written specifically for those who take a similar line, who think that God is non-existent or irrelevant, or who are in some way skeptical about the whole issue. Although on the same theme as Does God believe in Atheists? this is an entirely new book designed to be given to those who consider themselves to be atheists and to challenge their view. Each chapter ends with a 'witness' who from their own personal experience support the claim made by the author in the chapter. Co-founder of Christian Ministries, Dr John Blanchard is an internationally known Christian author, teacher and conference speaker. Nearly fifteen million copies of his publications are in print in some forty languages. He received an award for his best-selling book 'Does God believe in Atheists?' as the best UK Christian Book for 2001. 'The book is completely up to date, deals with the many issues of our age, exposing the inadequacy of science to solve the problems of today and therefore becomes a good tool in the hands of Christians. It is not only a book for atheists and agnostics, it is very much for Christians to read in order to give a reason for the hope that is in us. Thankfully there is hope and this book not only demolishes, but also builds up a great Gospel presentation.' - Christian Herald