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Jeremiah & Lamentations: The Death of a Dream and What Came After - Focus on the Bible Series (Wilcock)

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Jeremiah was set aside to be the prophet to the nations. Set apart to be a voice that was not afraid to stand up for sharing the message of the Lord to those aiming headlong for judgement. There are responsibilities for those who belong to God. However God still loves his people even when they have sinned against him. We are reassured that hope can be found even in times of suffering.

Lamentations tells Jerusalem's story of suffering, starvation, and despair, till finally the walls are breached, the survivors deported, the goods looted and the city torched.



Michael Wilcock is a respected author and Bible teacher. He has spent many years in pastoral ministry including his most recent charge, St Nicholas, Durham. He was formerly Director of Pastoral Studies at Trinity College, Bristol.



"It is a pleasure to commend this fine piece of commentary writing by Michael Wilcock. Over the years he has produced many commentaries on both Testaments, including some fine examples in the BST series. Here he has lost none of his touch as with sure-footed exegesis, spiritual insight and elegant writing he tackles the difficult books of Jeremiah and Lamentations. All Bible readers will profit from reading these books with a sympathetic and knowledgeable guide. However, they will also be of great use to preachers who will find themselves stimulated, enlightened and emboldened to tackle these often neglected books in the company of an experienced and erudite preacher." - Bob Fyall ~ Senior Tutor in Ministry, Cornhill Training Course, Scotland.

"In this book, Michael Wilcock has done a real service to students of Scripture: he has made Jeremiah and Lamentations accessible and applicable. From page 1, it is clear that the reader is in the hands of a careful scholar and faithful guide to the life and writings of the prophet Jeremiah. In short, this is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to preach, teach, or simply study these sometimes intimidating books. When people in my church ask for a resource to help them read Jeremiah and Lamentations, this book will be at the top of my list!" - Michael McKinley ~ Senior Pastor, Guilford Baptist Church, Sterling, Virginia

"Michael Wilcock's thorough and creative exposition of the books of Lamentations and Jeremiah is a joy to read. His clear style and pastoral perspective provide a valuable resource for preachers in the pulpit, teachers in the classroom, and other students of this important, and at times, difficult prophetic pair. I recommend it to those who would encounter Jeremiah's message in light of its ancient context, the redemptive work of Christ, and its application into the contemporary Christian life." - John Scott Redd, Jr. ~ President and Associate Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.