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Jonathan Edwards and 21st Century Evangelicalism (Nichols)

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A penetrating look at modern evangelical Christianity through the eyes of America's greatest theologian, Jonathan Edwards. Using extensive quotes from Edwards' sermons,William C. Nichols examines what Edwards believed and taught about true and false conversion, seeking God for conviction of sin and humbling of the heart, and the true message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Modern evangelism has become a religion which exalts the free will of man, encourages selfishness as a motive for "accepting Jesus", and embraces a form of "Christianity" that does not require a real change of heart or life. It has led to countless false conversions and our churches being filled with unconverted members, leaders, and pastors. This book compares and contrasts the theology of Jonathan Edwards with that of modern day evangelical Christianity and in so doing deals a serious blow to modern evangelicalism. It is composed of Nichols' introductions to Edwards' sermons in the books Seeking God, Knowing the Heart, and The True Gospel.



"True religion has received a deadly wound. That wound is the teaching that conversion comes by a decision or by a rational understanding. What must be understood is that the heart must be broken and sinners must seek a sovereign God to save. This is called "seeking." What is needed now is a skillful physician to treat the wound by giving instructions on how to break the heart and seek God who alone can save. Jonathan Edwards is that physician. Edwards is aided by William C. Nichols, from our time, who analyzes the evangelism of Edwards and explains how to apply it."  -Richard Smith