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Jonathan Edwards on the Atonement (Crawford)

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The gospel is the heart of the Christian faith, and the atonement is the heart of the gospel. In this work, Pastor Brandon Crawford offers a study of the doctrine of atonement as it was understood by America's greatest theologian--Jonathan Edwards--setting his doctrine in the context of both his historical predecessors and his broader theology. This book provides important insights into the mind of this intellectual giant and the critical role that Edwards played in the trajectory of New England theology in the decades following his death.


Table of Contents:

Part 1: The Doctrine of Atonement Prior to Jonathan Edwards

1. Early and Medieval Perspectives

2. Reformation and Puritan Perspectives

3. Alternative Perspectives in the Reformation and Puritan Eras

Part 2: The Doctrine of Atonement in the Works of Jonathan Edwards

4. The Basic Framework of Edwards’s Doctrine of Atonement, Part 1 – God

5. The Basic Framework of Edwards’s Doctrine of Atonement, Part 2 – Man, Sin, and Christ

6. The Vital Content of Edwards’s Doctrine of Atonement

7. Additional Emphases in Edwards’s Doctrine of Atonement

Conclusion: What Is Jonathan Edwards’s Legacy on the Atonement?



Brandon James Crawford is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Marshall, Michigan. He holds an MDiv from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary (Allen Park, Michigan) and a ThM in Reformation and Post-Reformation Theology from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids, Michigan). He and his wife, Melanie, have two children.



"Jonathan Edwards may be widely regarded as America's greatest theologian, but the significance of his legacy has often been disputed, especially in terms of the extent to which he influenced the theological innovations of his successors. Brandon Crawford's new account is a careful and nuanced reconstruction of Edwards' theology of the atonement, and a significant contribution to the intellectual history of colonial religion." -- Crawford Gribben, Professor of History, Queen's University, Belfast

"Did Jonathan Edwards believe that Christ's atonement was a substitute for sinners that satisfied the wrath of God? Or did he depart from his Reformed roots, and establish foundations for a generation of theologians who taught that the atonement was merely an example to display God's justice? Brandon Crawford takes up this difficult question with scholarly insight, lucid style, and common sense. With careful attention to the history of the doctrine of the atonement, and a detailed analysis of the most relevant texts from the writings of Jonathan Edwards, Crawford skillfully guides his readers to a compelling conclusion." -- Eric J. Lehner, Academic Dean and Professor of Theology, Virginia Beach Theological Seminary