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Just Thinking: About Ethnicity (Harrison & Walker)

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Founders Press


Just Thinking: About Ethnicity is a biblical response to the issues of “race” and social justice. It is a culturally-relevant, theologically-rich exploration into what the Word of God says about such issues and how the evangelical church should respond to the unbiblical narratives associated with them. Given that every believer in Christ is an apologist (1 Pet. 3:15), Just Thinking: About Ethnicity is a valuable addition to your repository of apologetics resources.


Darrell B. Harrison serves as director of digital platforms at Grace to You, the media ministry of Dr. John MacArthur, pastor-teacher at Grace Community Church, located in Southern California.In his role at Grace to You, Darrell oversees the ministry’s digital and social media strategy. Darrell has a blog titled “Just Thinking . . . for Myself,” with nearly 80,000 subscribers. He is also the co-host of the Just Thinking podcast, one of the most influential long-form Christian podcasts in the world, with more than 5.7 million episodes downloaded since it debuted in December, 2017.Darrell is a fellow of the Black Theology and Leadership Institute (BTLI) at Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) in Princeton, New Jersey, and a graduate of the Theology and Ministry certificate program at PTS. He is currently in the final phase of certification as a biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).Darrell and his wife Melissa are originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but currently reside in Santa Clarita, California. They have three adult children—Collin, Naomi, and Yasmine—each of whom resides in Georgia.

Virgil Walker serves as Executive Director of Operations for G3 Ministries. He serves as the co-host of the Just Thinking Podcast and a commentator on Fearless with Jason Whitlock.Virgil has earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and is currently attending Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he is working toward the completion of his Master of Divinity (MDiv). Virgil is the co-author of Just Thinking: About the State and Why Are You Afraid?. In addition, Virgil is heavily involved in jail ministry, sidewalk ministry at abortion clinics, and street evangelism.Virgil and his wife, Tomeka, have been married for 26 years and have three children: Princess, Princeton, and Price.


Harrison and Walker offer a hard-hitting and thought-provoking rebuttal to critical race theory. It is not necessary to agree with them on every point to recognize that they show that what is often promoted as ‘anti-racism’ is in fact divisive and destructive. -Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Chancellor | Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Pastor | Heritage Reformed Congregation, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Bold, brave, and biblical! As expected, Darrel and Virgil pull no punches whilst getting to the foundational issues regarding ethnicity. The question they continue to hammer home is: will we believe the Bible or sociology; biblical justice or secular social justice; God or man. This book will help the church respond to our current race-obsessed culture with truth and gospel clarity. -John L. Cooper, Singer, Author: Awake and Alive to Truth; Host: Cooper Stuff Podcast

It is a delight to commend Just Thinking: about Ethnicity. Harrison and Walker have once again opened up the Scriptures and brought them to bear on the too-often-misunderstood concept of ethnicity. As they precisely dismantle our culture’s notion of ethnicity, they explain both how and why we are prone to think so wrongly about race, racism, skin color, and even culture itself. Perhaps the best part of Harrison and Walker’s treatment of the topic is their painstaking commitment to biblical truth. This book is very clear and helpful and will benefit the church today and in days to come. -Anthony Mathenia, Pastor ChristChurch

Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker have proven themselves to be faithful guides through the cultural storm we have all found ourselves in over the last few years. This book deals with the increasingly complex web of issues surrounding race, racism, “whiteness” and how believers should respond with both uncompromising truth and Gospel grace. This is a book I know I will return to over the years as I seek to shepherd my own congregation. -Kofi Adu-Boahen, Teaching Pastor. Redeemer Bible Fellowship, Medford, OR

You hold in your hands spiritual dynamite. This work by Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker is one of the most power-packed books I’ve seen in terms of fulsome engagement of the other side. No one can argue that Harrison and Walker have failed to work hard to understand woke voices. They have all the receipts; further, they know how to read them. They apply a gospel-driven biblical-theological approach to the evil ideology of wokeness. In so doing, they perform an act of profound truth-telling, but also one of real love. These men love Christ’s church, and that affection compels them to think deeply, engage extensively, and write convictionally. In a world polluted by godless views of many kinds, breathe in the pure air of Christ’s saving and uniting gospel in these pages. Lift your soul up to God, and be free of hostile systems that would take you captive (Colossians 2:8). -Dr. Owen Strachan, Author; Christianity and Wokeness and The War on Men
Provost, Grace Bible Theological Seminary

Few issues have wreaked more havoc in conservative evangelical churches in recent years than woke ideology, much of which is rooted in unbiblical ideas about race, ethnicity, and culture. Once conservative advocates of biblical sufficiency have capitulated to the ever-growing demands of woke ideologues who veil worn liberation theology in a thin veneer of platitudes about God’s justice. Faithful Christians in the pew have been left wondering if they’re racist when they’ve never in their lives had demeaning thoughts about someone because of their skin color or ethnic heritage. I’m so thankful for my friends Virgil and Darrell and their continued voice of biblical reason on these matters, and I pray that this book will add further light from Scripture on these important issues. -Scott Aniol, Executive Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, G3 Ministries, Professor of Pastoral Theology; Grace Bible Theological Seminary, Author; Musing on God’s Music and Citizens and Exiles