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La enseñanza de la bondad - The Law of Kindness: Serving with Heart and Hands (Beeke)

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Faro de Gracia
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La benignidad es hermosa, no únicamente para recibirla, sino especialmente para darla. ¿Está la enseñanza de la bondad escrita en su corazón? ¿Practica usted la bondad a cualquier precio? ¿Recuerda la parábola del Buen Samaritano, la maravillosa historia del extranjero menospreciado que ayudó a la víctima de asalto que quedó casi muerta? Jesús concluyó con estas palabras: «Ve, y haz tú lo mismo».

«Y cualquiera que dé a uno de estos pequeñitos un vaso de agua fría solamente, por cuanto es discípulo, de cierto os digo que no perderá su recompensa» (Mateo 10:42)

"And be ye kind to another," begins Ephesians 4:32.

Christians are called to this standard, but how seriously do we take it?

In The Law of Kindness, Mary Beeke examines the idea of kindness, shows how it is developed, and gives helpful advice for putting it into action, with specific chapters addressed to wives, husbands, parents, teachers, and children.

Readers will be struck by their own lack of kindness, captivated by God's kindness toward us in Jesus Christ, and motivated to cultivate more of this precious virtue.

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Table of Contents: 
Part 1: Kindness Examined 
1. What is Kindness? 
2. The Roots of Kindness 
3. Our Motives 
Part 2: Kindness Learned
4. The Kind Wife 
5. The Kind Husband 
6. Parenting With Kindness 
7. The Teacher’s Role 
8. Bullying 
9. A Letter to Children and Teens 
Part 3: Kindness in Action
10. Kind Thoughts 
11. Kind Words 
12. Kindness to the Least of These 
13. Your Kind of Kindness   



Mary Beeke is the wife of Dr. Joel Beeke and the mother of Calvin, Esther, and Lydia. She has served as a registered nurse and an elementary teacher, and has her M.A.T. in learning disabilities from Calvin College. Since 1989, she has been a homemaker and a pastor's wife.



“Mary Beeke—wife, mother, friend to many—is herself Mrs. Kindness personified. When she writes about this theme, therefore, everyone should listen. Full of wisdom, grace, story, good-humor, and a substantial dose of down-to-earth heavenly realism, The Law of Kindness is a unique and remarkable book. Christians and non-Christians will find it marvelously honest, realistic, and practical. Both deeply challenging and wonderfully helpful, this book will surely be a modern classic of its kind.” - Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson 

“Mary Beeke has given us an invaluable source of reflection upon a much needed Christian virtue—kindness. In doing so, she has provided us with breathtaking examples of Christian kindness in action, interspersed with practical applications on this Christ-like fruit of the Spirit. This will prove a deservedly popular book, one that readers will return to again and again.” - Dr. Derek Thomas

“The Law of Kindness is greatly needed and immensely practical. We were struck by the practical help for understanding and implementing a quality that is in such short supply in the world, and unfortunately, even among Christians. For us as Christians, kindness is commanded (Ephesians 4:32), exemplified by our heavenly Father and our Savior (Luke 6:35), and made possible by the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives (Galatians 5:22, 23). With all of that going for us, unkindness is inexcusable and unnecessary. This book needs to be read and its teachings should instruct and motivate us to make kindness a law in our lives (Proverbs 31:26).” - Dr. Wayne and Carol Mack

“Kindness is in short supply in the twenty-first century not only in the culture but often in the church as well. Mary Beeke has done us a great service in addressing this basic Christian virtue in an embracive and engaging manner. Her knowledge of the Scripture and her personal experiences combine to illustrate the content in a helpful and practical fashion. The book’s compelling attraction is the uncomplicated, effortless way she engages her subject. Everyone will profit from reading The Law of Kindness.” Dr. James Grier