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Let's Study 1 Peter (Harrell)

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‘The whole unfolding Let’s Study series is a must for every Christian home that is serious about getting to know the Word.’ — COVENANTER WITNESS

Peter’s great themes of grace and salvation in Christ, godly living, and comfort in suffering, echo down the ages to the present day. William Harrell’s fresh and lively treatment of 1 Peter shows that these themes are as relevant to the church today as they were in the first century. We, too, need to hear of the greatness of the salvation accomplished by Christ and to heed the call to consecrated and orderly living, to endurance in suffering, and to vigilant service.

As with the earlier volumes in this series, the value of the exposition is enhanced by the Group Study Guide which follows.

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Table of Contents: 

1. A Changed Man Greets Chosen People (1:1-2)

2. Blessing the Blessed (1:3-5)

3. Refinement and Results (1:6-9)

4. Salvation’s Man and Message (1:10-12)

5. Called to Conform to God (1:13-16)

6. Called to Reverence (1:17-21)

7. Called to Brotherly Love (1:22-25)

8. The Right Spiritual Diet (2:1-3)

9. The Rock of Salvation (2:4-8)

10. The Chosen People (2:9-10)

11. The Practice of Purity (2:11-12)

12. Civil and Social Graces (2:13-17)

13. Working Relationships (2:18-20)

14. The Example of the Suffering Savior (2:21-25)

15. The Fruit of Faith in the Family (3:1-7)

16. A Summary of the Submissive Spirit (3:8-12)

17. The Righteous Response to Suffering (3:13-17)

18. Highest Blessing from Deepest Suffering (3:18-20)

19. Holiness and Highest Authority (3:21-22)

20. Preparing for Productive Pains (4:1-6)

21. Serving by Sufficient Grace (4:7-11)

22. Reviling, Rejoicing and Revelation (4:12-14)

23. Suffering and Service (4:15-19)

24. Exemplary Elders (5:1-4)

25. Exaltation through Humility (5:5-7)

26. Resistance and Relief (5:8-11)

27. Gracious Final Greetings (5:12-14)


William Harrell was the founding pastor at Immanuel Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1981, a congregation which he and his wife Debra still serve.