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Let's Study 2 Corinthians (Prime)

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When Paul arrived, Corinth was prospering as ‘the fourth largest city in the roman empire, a commercial bridge between East and West.  It had two harbours – one on the Aegean and the other on the Adriatic Sea. Situated at such an important cross-roads of the ancient world, it became notorious for its sexual vice and immorality. the description of Gentile sin in Romans 1:18-32 fits Corinth exactly.’

Paul preached the gospel there in the early 50’s, stayed for eighteen months, and established a church there.

2 Corinthians – ‘Paul’s most autobiographical letter, in which he opens his heart more than in any other’-shows the ‘privileges and pressures of pastoral work’. It also contains ‘unique passages about perseverance under trials, the nature of Christian service, evangelism and giving.’ 

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Rev. Derek J. Prime, M.A., S.Th., born in 1931, was converted to Christ in his early teens. His desire to preach the gospel was encouraged and confirmed soon after that, and he has served two churches as pastor – Lansdowne Evangelical Free Church, West Norwood, London, for twelve years and Charlotte Baptist Chapel, Edinburgh, for eighteen (1969-1987). While at Lansdowne, he was President of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (1966). Since 1987 he has given his time to writing and an itinerant ministry.