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Let's Study Revelation (Thomas)

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‘The whole unfolding Let’s Study series is a must for every Christian home that is serious about getting to know the Word.’ — Covenanter Witness

Derek Thomas shows that amidst the language and forms that dazzle and shock the book of Revelation is above all a book about Jesus Christ. Thomas takes us through the series of seven visions which show the outworking of the words of Jesus to Peter: ‘I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’

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Table of Contents:

1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ 

2. Letters from Jesus (Part 1)

3. Letters from Jesus (Part 2)

4. Heaven’s Throne

5. The Opening of the Seals

6. The Glorified Spirits in Heaven

7. Self-Destructive Forces of Evil

8. Sweet and Sour

9. The Two Witnesses

10. The Great Red Dragon

11. Beasts of Land and Sea

12. One Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand

13. Armageddon

14. A Tale of Two Cities

15. ‘Fallen, Fallen, Is Babylon the Great’

16. Hallelujah!

17. The Millennium

18. A Place Called ‘Home’

19. The End Game


Derek Thomas is minister of preaching and teaching at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina. He is editorial director of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and distinguished visiting professor of systematic and historical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary.