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Letters of Samuel Rutherford - Hardcover (Rutherford)

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These letters will ever be precious to all who are sensible of their own, and the Church’s decay and corruptions– The wound and the cure are therein so fully opened out: self is exposed, specially spiritual self. He will tell you, ‘There is as much need to watch over grace, as to watch over sin.’ He will show you God in Christ, to fill up the place usurped by self. The subtleties of sin, idols, snares, temptations, self-deceptions, are dragged into view from time to time. And what is better still, the cords of Christ are twined round the roots of these bitter plants, that they may be plucked up.

Nor is it otherwise in regard to corruption in public, and in the Church. We do not mean merely the open corruption of error, but also the secret ‘gray hairs’ of decay. Hear him cry, ‘There is universal deadness on that fear of God. O where are the sometime quickening breathings and influences from heaven that have refreshed His hidden ones!’ And then he laments, in the name of the saints, ‘We are half satisfied with out witherdness; nor have we as much of his strain who doth eight times breathe out that suit, Quicken me!’ ‘We live far from the well, and complain but dryly of our dryness.’- Andrew Bonar

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48 Lady Kenmure  
45 Marion M’Naught  
10 Lady Boyd  
8 Colonel Gilbert Ker  
6 Robert Gordon of Knockbreck  
5 Alexander Gordon of Earlston  
5 Lord Craighall  
5 Mr David Dickson  
4 Alexander Gordon of Knockgray  
4 John Fleming, Bailie of Leith  
4 John Gordon of Cardoness, Elder  
4 John Stuart, Provost of Ayr  
4 Lady Culross  
4 Mr John Scot, at Oxnam  
4 William Glendinning, Bailie of Kirkcudbright  
3 Earlston, the Elder  
3 Earlston, the Younger  
3 John Gordon of Cardoness, Younger  
3 John Kennedy, Bailie of Ayr  
3 Lady Busbie  
3 Mr Thomas Garven  
3 The Laird of Carleton  
3 William Dalgleish, Minister of the Gospel  
3 William Rigge of Athernie  
2 Alexander Colville of Blair  
2 Barbara Hamilton  
2 Grizzel Fullerton, daughter of Marion M’Naught  
2 Janet Kennedy  
2 Jean Brown  
2 John Gordon, at Rusco  
2 John Henderson, in Rusco  
2 John Nevay  
2 Lady Cardoness  
2 Lady Gaitgirth  
2 Lady Largirie  
2 Lord Boyd  
2 Lord Loudon  
2 Mr George Gillespie  
2 Mr Hugh Henderson, Minister of Dalry  
2 Mr Hugh M’Kail, Minister of Irvine  
2 Mr James Guthrie, Minister at Stirling  
2 Mr John Fergushill  
2 Mr John Meine, Junior  
2 Mr John Murray, Minister at Methven  
2 Mr Matthew Mowat, Minister of Kilmarnock  
2 Mr Robert Blair  
2 Mr Thomas Wylie, Minister of Borgue  
2 Robert Gordon, Bailie of Ayr  
2 Robert Lennox of Disdove  
2 The Earl of Cassillis  
2 The Laird of Cally  
2 William Fullerton, Provost of Kirkcudbright  
  Sketch of Samuel Rutherford 1
  To a Christian Gentlewoman, on the death of a Daughter 34
  To John Kennedy – Deliverance from Shipwreck 74
  To a Gentleman at Kirkcudbright, excusing himself from visiting 83
  To Mr Robert Cunningham, at Holywood, in Ireland– Consolation to a Brother in Tribulation 140
  To William Gordon of Roberton – How Trials are Misimproved 153
  To Margaret Ballantine – Value of the Soul, and Urgency of Salvation 166
  To the Earl of Lothian – Advice as to Public Conduct 174
  To Jean Blown – The Joys of this Life embittered by Sin 177
  To Elizabeth Kennedy – Danger of Formality 183
  To the Rev John Livingstone  –  Resignation 190
  To Mr Ephraim Melvin  –  Kneeling at the Lord’s Supper a species of Idolatry 192