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Meeting God: Past, Present and Future (Jeffery)

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Evangelical Press


Whether a man calls himself a Christian, or a Muslim, or an atheist all are sinners by nature and action. It is this sin that God sent Jesus into the world to deal with. But are we so eager for God to deal with our sin and evil? Sin is sometimes violent and evil, sometimes it seems pleasant and attractive but always it is opposed to God and God is always opposed to it. Gods wrath is an inevitable product of his holiness.

In this book Peter Jeffery looks alternatively at contemporary situations and Biblical characters who meet with God. He describes these events in an evangelistic way so that a challenge is brought to bear upon the reader as to his or her own standing before God.The situation of the sinner before the Holy God is hopeless, and it would remain so apart from the grace of God.

God's answer to our sin is Jesus. He alone is the Saviour who can take our sin away and purchase for us a full forgiveness and salvation. You need Jesus and you need Him today. The matter is urgent, so pray to him for pardon and ask for mercy. The last train for heaven has not yet departed, and there is room on it for you if know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Get your seat reserved now.

Table of Contents:

  1. Noah
  2. Lot
  3. Lot’s wife
  4. David
  5. Manasseh
  6. Nicodemus
  7. The Ethiopian Eunuch
  8. Saul of Tarsus
  9. The Rich Young Ruler
  10. John the Baptist
  11. The Jailor at Philippi
  12. The Only Way
  13. Have you met God?
  14. The Heart of Man