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Messiah the Prince: Revisited (Wall)

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Based on William Symington’s majestic work on the mediatorial dominion of Jesus Christ, this book details the role and rule of Christ as King. Updated and abridged for the 21st century reader. Understand what the kingship of Christ means for church, ‘state and your daily life.


Table of Contents:

Part I: Characteristics of the Kingdom

1. Why We Need Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion 

2. Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion Is Real 

3. Christ’s Qualifications to be a King 

4. The Crowning of Christ as Mediatorial King 

5. The Spiritual Purpose of Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion 

6. Christ’s Mediatorial Rule Has No Limits 

Part II: Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion Applied to Church and State

7. The Nature of the Church 

8. The Goals of the Church 

9. Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion over Nations

10. The Nations’ Duty to Support Christ’s Church 

Part III: The Future of the Mediatorial Kingdom

11. Duration of the Mediatorial Dominion 

Conclusion: Our Response to Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion 



“J.K. Wall has done us a great service…He challenges us to consider how we must serve King Jesus in all of life despite the practical atheism of our secular age.” – Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Vital and enormously relevant issues are raised and answered from the Scriptures in Messiah the Prince. Every Christian leader should read this book, since it presents the very truths that the church of Christ most greatly needs today.” – Richard D. Phillips, Second Presbyterian Church, S.C.

“Helps to show how the language, principles, and theology of Christ’s kingdom also apply to the modern business world.” – Dr. Roy Blackwood, William Symington: Penman of the Scottish Covenanters

“Author J.K. Wall has “the discernment of a historian, the clarity of a journalist, and the passion of a studied Christian. This is a timely presentation of a timeless text, and it will be especially helpful to Christian youth looking for a vision that relates their faith to every area of life in the modern world.” – Dr. Micahel LeFebvre, The Gospel and Sexual Orientation